News and release notes


release date: June 17 2020

Changes since KERN-5
  • Based on Casacore 3.3
  • Many new packages from the added. This includes brats, future-fstrings and scabha
  • All existing packages updated to the latest version.
  • Due to a lack of funding the pulsar software has been dropped. Please Let us know if you have budget to finance these software.


release date: January 15 2019

Changes since KERN-4
  • Based on Casacore 3.0
  • Added various new packages, for example Carta
  • All existing packages updated to the latest version.


release date: June 8 2018

Changes since KERN-3
  • Based on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Many new packages from the Berkely SETI project added.
  • Various packages of KERN ended up in Debian and in Ubuntu 18.04. This includes casacore, aoflagger and wsclean


Release date: November 27 2017.

Changes since KERN-2
  • Update to casacore 2.4.0
  • All other packages have been updated
  • Various new packages have been added


Release date: March 13 2017.

Changes since KERN-1
  • Update to casacore 2.2.0
  • added stripped down version of NRAO CASA called casalite. Note this CASA still doesn't integrate with the system python.
  • All packages updated to the latest versions
  • Split of LOFAR package in smaller packages
  • wsclean now contains LOFAR beam model
  • Added various new packages


Release date: August 11 2016.